Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Don’t Want You To Know

Tend to think that it’s not just that people with mental illnesses don’t get good physical healthcare the truths that the reverse is also true% of all mental health care in the United States is delivered by primary care physicians and they write more prescriptions for psychotropic drugs than do psychiatrists in the United States it’s not because they want tout’s because that’s where you go when you don’t feel good so when we when you look at that that the at the primary-care side of this that the the primary.

care Doc’s well they have kind of perfect storm going on they know that they have about seven minutes to treat you they also know that if they you can referral to a mental health professional only % of those referral swill follow through and finally and most importantly if if you in today’s society when you look at the way in which people address their primary care Doc’s they come into the office allegedly knowing what the best treatments are and what the problem is sometimes from the internet and sometimes oftentimes.

From direct-to-consumer marketing by pharmaceutical companies so if you believed that the best treatment for mild to moderate depression or mild to moderate anxiety was medication you could be forgiven for that because of what we see in the media but you’d wrongheaded truth is that a specific form of talk therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy is superior to Transcranial magnetic stimulation medications alone now there are times when the two of those together are superior but if you had to pick one you want to pick the cut the talk therapy over the medication the third big area that we see as challenging in this industry is that a lot of people believe that if you have mental health or an addiction diagnosis it is a living death sentence and nothing can be further from the truth the reality is these are chronic diseases that have to be managed just like diabetes asthma and hypertension there is no cure for these things we know that but you can live a full and successful life by taking care of-yourself and taking.

Responsibility for your own health care people who have serious mental illness illnesses these days have said now I do not want my treatment to be the focus of my life Want my life to be the focus of my life I want my healthcare provider to be inexpert consultant to me to help me and that requires different way of thinking I’m reminded as we as we talk about these things Forgot to advance my slide so you have to excuse me I got so excited about talking to you I’m reminded about what John Kennedy said several years ago-too often we hold fast to the cliches four forebears we subject all facts to fabricated set of interpretations we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought my challenge to you is to jump into the discomfort of thought challenge the assumptions that you have about mental illness and addictions and let’s bring rationality-back to this segment of healthcare thank.